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Electronic and smart locks for your home, they are here!

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smart locks for your home

Electronic locks

The days of leaving a spare key under a rock in your yard may be over.  Thanks to the amazing power we now hold in our hands, the smart phone, we can lock, unlock and monitor our homes without having to carry a key.

Already, my newest car has a fob instead of a key and its a natural step to put the electronic lock into your home.

Electronic locks are not new, I have a couple older ones sitting in my shed. They were quite useful for rental homes, new construction, or homes we would fix and flip.  You would set the code and give it out to whoever needed it.  After the project was done, or the home was rented, you changed the combination.  This is much less expensive than a locksmith and the lock could be taken to a new property if needed.

Some people might be concerned about the electronic nature of securing our homes, but is your home really secure with a manual lock and key when anyone could probably enter by way of a window and rock?  If your phone is dead or power goes out, there would be a back up using a traditional manual key.

If you want a new home with all the latest features like electronic locks, we can get you pre-approved quickly and before you know it, you will be moving into the new home.

Search Meridian, Idaho homes for sale

With spring just around the corner, many will get the urge to buy a new home.  In my Market, Boise-Meridian-Nampa Idaho, prices have increased from last year.  Here is a link to my local market: http://www.zillow.com/local-info/ID-Meridian/r_46508/

Sites such as Zillow.com and Trulia.com are a good way to do you initial search without having to decide which realtor to work with.

To see how much that house payment would be, use this handy Mortgage Calculator.

The next step before you go out searching is to get pre-approved for a mortgage first so you know if and how much you will qualify for.  I make it easy, get pre-approved here.

The Boise-Meridian-Nampa Idaho real estate market has its greatest activity from February through September.  Getting ready to buy now is a wise first step.

If I can be of any assistance, feel free to call me direct at 208-861-7579.


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