Its spring time, how is your credit?

With the spring finally coming to the Treasure Valley, many will be going out to look for a home this year.  The first nice weekend of February is what I typically see as the start of the main sales season for real estate in the Treasure Valley.

Like those preparing for a marathon, preparing to buy a home will pay massive benefits when you get out and start making offers on houses.  The single most important aspect of that preparation, is to check your credit report.

Checking ahead of time will allow you to correct any errors on the report before you apply for a mortgage pre-approval.  This could qualify you for better loan programs or options not available for those with lower scores caused by erroneous credit reporting.

Here is an article from my other site that discuses the habits of those with great credit scores.

Weather you are in the market for your first home, or are buying that retirement home, it pays to stay abreast of your credit report.

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