Some local Idaho resources that other states don’t have.

In Idaho, we are blessed to have Idaho Housing and Finance Association, a local non profit agency.  IHFA has a far reaching mission to promote home ownership and affordable housing in Idaho.

I have used IHFA on numerous occasions to get the best possible loan and interest rates for my Idaho mortgage clients.  there are times when an IHFA loan is not the best loan for my client, but I always check early in the process.  IHFA also services their loans afterwards.  That means my Idaho mortgage clients will get a statement from IHFA and make their monthly mortgage payment to IHFA.  They have a local office in Boise, Idaho where one can even make a payment in person.

In addition, they offer home buyer education, down payment assistance, and housing counseling for those facing financial difficulties after they buy a home.

If you are a first time home buyer or a repeat buyer, you might be well served by using an Idaho Housing and Finance Association mortgage loan program.

to learn more about IHFA mortgages, call me at 208-861-7579.

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