Summer home sales means more competition

Right now, our local market is one of the top 5 real estate markets in the country for home price appreciation.

What that means is that prices are way higher than last year’s.  I am not seeing any appraisal value problems this year, while last year I was constantly worried that my client’s home would not appraise for enough.

Home buyers in the Boise, Idaho market need to be ready to make an offer and close quickly if they find a home that meets their needs.  Ask any realtor in the Boise, Idaho market if there is a “bidding war” going on right now, and they’ll probably tell you about how they have had to deal with multiple, competitive offers, buyers paying over the asking price, and how many homes they had to make offers on just to finally get one.

I would offer the following advice to prospective home buyers:  don’t fall in love with one home, you will probably have to make offers on several homes to finally get one. 

You will want to be prepared in advance, so  call me to get pre approved at 208-861-7579.

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