Apply Now! How to get your home loan.

Getting your loan is not as hard it might seem.  With a short application and some basic documents, we can get you approved for your home loan.

To Start, you should gather your last month’s pay stubs, the last 2 years W2 forms, the last 2 months bank statements, and any retirement account statements.

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From there, you can choose the full application or the short one.  Fill out the application, the short one only takes about 5 minutes.  Hit submit, and it shows up in my email.  I will get to work on it right away.  At this point, I will run your credit and let you know what it looks like.

You will need to get those documents to me.  Either drop them off at my office, mail them, fax them, or scan them and email to me.  I’ll put the final touches on your application and run your approval.  It is possible to have a solid pre-approval in a couple of hours if you get the documentation to me. 

If you’re buying a home, I will send you and your Realtor, a Pre-Approval Letter. 

After the pre-approval, we will prepare your loan package for your signitures.  We can email, fax, or print out the documents for your signitures. 

When you’ve signed your loan package disclosures, we will gather anything else needed for submission.  These items include: A title Report, Insurance Binder, Purchase and Sale agreement, and an Appraisal

When we have all of them, we submit your loan to the Underwriter who verifies that everything is in order.  If it is all in order, we get a clear to close and the loan documents will be prepared.  If there are any final underwriter’s conditions, we gather those.  We might be updating any information that is dated, such as paystubs, bank statements or maybe getting additional comments on an appraisal issue that the underwriter has questions about.  Sometimes a well and septic inspection is required, if you’re on a well or private septic system. 

Once we are cleared to close, the loan documents get prepared and sent to the title company.  When they have them worked up and printed out correctly, we schedule a closing appointment.

The closing usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour.  Once its completed, the loan records at the courthouse and the new deed to the home is in your name.  If you are refinancing, there is a federally mandated 3 day recission period.  This is in case you decide that you don’t want the new loan and you can cancel in writting.  On refinances, the loan funds and records on the 4th day after you sign.

That in a nutshell is the loan process.  If you are prepared, I can get your purchase loan done in 10 days!  Our record is 8 days.  for a refinance, add 4 days. 

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