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I’ve been helping people in Idaho  for over 12 years with their single most important financial  comittment, their home finanacing!

I became fascinated with home financing over 13 years ago when I was buying and fixing up homes.  My mortgage broker made it look easy and fun.  Soon I was leaving my old career in restaurants behind and started as a new loan officer in Pocatello, Idaho.  This was during the subprime boom, and there were pleanty of subprime borrowers in Pocatello that needed my help.  Soon I was asked to open an office in Boise, and I jumped on the opportunity.

The new construction market was taking off at this time, so I became an expert in construction loans and rehab loans.  During this time I also built and sold several  homes in Canyon County.

The market meltdown of 2008 left many of us without the programs we were used to providing and many of my colleagues left the business when the easy times were finished.  I knew that there will always be people who need my help, and that the big, dinosaur banks were not equipped to serve them.  For this reason, I have stayed in the industry when others fled for easier work.

The market has changed so much in the last 4 years.  I’ve become an expert in FHA, RD, VA and Idaho Housing loans.  They have become the primary mortgages for people in Idaho.  Almost all those specialty loans of yesterday have gone away.  It is a lot harder to qualify and close a loan today.  For that reason, you need an expert.

Today, the name of the game is to quickly qualify people for the loans that are available and close them quickly and with the least amount of stress possible.

My company, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, is a mortgage bank.  By becoming a mortgage bank, we gained the ability to underwrite and fund our loans in house.  This give us much more control of the process and as a result, we can do this faster and at a lower cost than the dinosaur banks.

In 2015, I received the Certified Reverse Mortgage Planner training to better serve my clients.  I am very optimistic about the ability for the Idaho home buyer and Idaho home owner to get great financing to help them meet their financial goals.

I’m always available to discuss your mortgage needs, I can be reached at 208-861-7579 or to get started right now, go to my secure online website at https://www.rogerhowell.com

Roger Howell

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS #74935

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. NMLS #2289

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